and do you recognize yourself?

Sometimes you are about to make different choices in your life. This may be because there is a direct cause to do so or simply because you want to do something else. But what? Time to go on a journey of discovery together! Stress or restlessness can also be triggers for change and personal growth. Either way, I’d love to listen to your story and help you.

Do you recognize any of the following questions?

  • Do you feel like earlier in your career you got on a moving train that passed by, without really ‘looking’ and experiencing whether this job would fit your personal development?
  • Are you open to new challenges or to change your course, but you do not yet know exactly what your first steps will be?
  • Do you finally want to release what keeps you from moving forward in your life?
  • Do you feel the need to achieve personal growth, but do you find little room for this in your current life or job?
  • Do you doubt whether you really want to work as an independent entrepreneur?
  • Do you want to further develop your leadership skills, but would you rather work on this in a one-on-one situation than in a training or a group?
  • Do you experience that you keep running into the same problems in your private life or in your work?
  • Are you wondering how you can be more vital in life after a period of failure and look at your personal growth with a fresh perspective?

Then it’s time for the next step! Make an appointment for a (free) initial interview with me to convert your personal question into concrete actions and a corresponding timeframe.