and how do we get started?

The basic model with which I work one-on-one and in teams is the Enneagream. This is a psychological model that gives a lot of insights, without making a judgment. The Enneagram has nine personality types, all of which we have within us. But in each and every one of us, only one ‘light’ always shines the brightest. The current personality type provides more clarity about the defense mechanisms used, motives, pitfalls and behavior that one avoids.

In addition, this model clearly shows where one is now in his or her personal development. For example, each type has nine levels of development. The Enneagram does not put people in boxes, but rather takes them out of them, by developing and integrating all types in personal growth as much as possible. The integration of the three centers – the body, the heart and the head center – plays an important role in this. In addition to personal insights, the Enneagram also provides clarity about how and why teams do not function to their full potential or why growth and culture change in organizations might stagnate.

In change processes in organizations, I can also use the ‘Path to transformation’ (which I developed together with other Enneagram professionals). This path to transformation consists of eight phases: 1) safety; 2) involvement; (3) efficiency; (4) connectedness; 5) fullness; (6) jurisdiction; 7) responsibility; 8) unity.

Moving clockwise, I test every theme within an organization. Safety (no. 1) is an important basic theme and plays a major role in every organization that is engaged in transformation.

The Culture Code Scan (developed by Windkracht 11) is also a useful basic model that I may apply. This scan clearly shows how your employees experience the current culture and how this relates to the desired culture.