and together with others

With great pleasure I work together with various colleagues from different disciplines. Of course, we only do so where we can strengthen each other, and if this collaboration improves your process significantly.

For culture and change processes, aimed at organizations and managers, I work as a business partner with Carola Smits of management consultancy:

In addition, I am affiliated with the Platform Enneagram Professionals; At this platform I am a member of the core group, which determines the themes of refresher courses and training days. I also take part in similar additional training sessions at the Enneagram Stichting Nederland.

And others say:

Jolanda has given us, as a newly founded MT, insight into our personal Enneagram types and what influence they have on each other. By knowing what your strengths and your points of improvement points are and by learning to recognize the patterns in reaction and communication, you can get started. Together we have seen how everyone can use their own strengths and pitfalls, in relation to the strengths and pitfalls of our direct colleagues. We now understand each other better, connect better and have become stronger together. The individual coaching that we have had, has ensured that these insights were even sharpened. As a result, we have all experienced a personal growth that we use as a team.

Margreet Hellemons, Managing Director GO! childcare

We asked Jolanda to advise us on how we can improve the current corporate culture. We also asked how we can further empower our employees. A broad assignment in which Jolanda worked systematically. On the basis of the Enneagram, Jolanda looked at the ‘type’ of employee in relation to his/her position. In addition, she looked at the composition of the team and whether the characters in the team complement each other or not.

The insights we have gained as an organization have been very enlightening and sometimes confronting. Based on the sharp analysis and recommendations, we were able to make strategic choices to improve the culture within our organization and to empower employees even more.’

Teije Kelderhuis, Acuzio HR