and what to do?

The (management) employee

Does your question have to do with an individual (management) employee? Then it is important to coordinate the desired (joint) goal with each other. We start with my digital Enneagram test and the type interview to gain insight into their current profile. Here, not only the dominant type plays a role, but the total palette of the nine types, that we all have in us, is important.

During my one-on-one coaching, we not only increase the employee’s awareness, but we also take concrete steps at the same time. We do this, among other things, on the basis of practical cases and tailor-made intermediate ‘homework’. This gives us both valuable insights into fixed patterns and undiscovered core qualities and it paves the way for personal growth.

Curious about my working method? You can ask your employee to take a look at the page for personal coaching. Here you will find a detailed explanation.

Organization or team-oriented

In the first place, it is important to clarify your desire for change. Is it focused on the organizational culture, on leadership or on team level? By having conversations with the management team, individual managers and/or the HR department, I get clear insights into the goals we can start working towards and decide upon the most appropriate methodologies. Important aspects that I test are safety and trust, ownership, having authority and accepting responsibility.


Do you want to improve teamwork and really feel connected to each other? Then I’ll use my digital Enneagram test. I use this test in combination with the type interview (a personal one-on-one conversation with specific questions). Based on this, each participant receives his or her profile. This helps me determine the current dominant type (in relation to the other types) of the members of the (MT) team. It also gives you direct insight into the diversity of types within a team. Additionally, it becomes clear which core qualities are used, recognized and which are still missing. Based on this information, I present the ‘team wheel’ and propose next steps to improve cooperation and more job satisfaction.


Is there a need for a (cultural) change for the entire organization? Then I start with a conversation with the CEO, MT and/or HR to look at the current obstacles. Internal satisfaction surveys (MTO surveys) often provide valuable information. By applying the Deep Democracy theory, I dive into the undercurrent of the organization. Picking up different opinions is important for the success of the desired change. This information is processed in a concrete (short) report of conclusions and recommendations. Don’t be afraid of bulky advisory reports that disappear in the back of a drawer. Rather, expect a short and concise elaboration, that will help your organization in taking steps towards tangible results.