and who am I?

My main mission is to let every human be meaningful. Whether that is as an individual, in a team, or on an organizational level. Clarifying patterns together and, where necessary, breaking through learned behavior. In my work I really set people and organizations in motion. From my intrinsic motivation I help people contribute to the change processes in themselves, in their organization and/or their team.

I am pragmatic, open, involved and driven. My starting point is entrepreneurship and I always like to ask the question behind the question. ‘Making something out of nothing’ has always been the common thread and the greatest strength in my work

My name is Jolanda Dortmans-Pardaans, I live in Baarn and have an easily accessible office in Amersfoort (Hoogland). In my role as a coach, team builder and organizational consultant, I initiate awareness and learning processes in people and organizations and help them achieve their personal and/or professional goals.

I get people and organizations going and help them achieve their personal and/or professional goals. And I often do things a bit differently than you might expect.

After years of working in various (commercial) management and consultancy positions in (HR) business services, I started working as an independent coach in 2011. I was inspired by the Enneagram; a psychological personality model and a great system for developing self-knowledge. From this inspiration – and from my own experience and training – I have set up my own program for coaching. That was the starting point for Ennanders.

As a career professional I am recognized by the Noloc, the association of career professionals and job coaches. This gives me up-to-date knowledge of the current and future labor market. And that is very important in the rapidly changing world in which we live.

Key Milestones
Since 2016 I have been training and specializing continuously in (cultural) change processes within organizations, for both teams and managers. Since 2019 I have been working with the Deep Democracy theory and in July 2022, I completed the in-depth course Anthropological team guidance (at the Academy for Organizational Culture). In 2019, I joined the management consultancy firm Windkracht 11 as a business partner. Here we answer the questions: How can you go from hassle to has been solved? And: How do you learn to get the best out of yourself?