and who am I?

My main mission is to support as many people as possible in their desire for personal growth. Whether this is in the field of career development or whether they want to develop more personal (leadership) skills. That doesn’t really matter, because these aspects often merge on the road to a life with less stress, more fun and more authenticity.

I am pragmatic, open, involved and driven. I always ask the question behind the question, so be prepared that I may take you out of your comfort zone. The only reason to do so, is that I know this can really help you. ‘Making something out of nothing’ has always been the common thread and greatest strength in my work. In addition, I have an extensive network in different industries, which I am happy to use in order to help you.

My name is Jolanda Dortmans-Pardaans, I am married and have three children (young adults). I live in Baarn and have my own, easily accessible, coaching office in Amersfoort (Hoogland).

In 2011, after having worked in various (commercial) management positions in (HR) business services for many years, I started looking for what really makes me happy. I was dedicated to find what my own core qualities are. A re-organization enabled me to take the step towards self-employment, with the help of an external coach.

The outcome was logical to me: I had a strong desire to help people make progress in their career and/or achieve personal growth. I was inspired by the Enneagram, a psychological development model and a great system for gaining self-knowledge. This inspiration – and my own experience and training – lead me to develop a program for career coaching. That was the starting point of Ennanders. As a career professional I am recognized by the Noloc, the association of career professionals. That means that my qualities and working level as a coach are guaranteed and that I have an extensive knowledge of developments on the labor market. I continuously follow training courses and workshops to stay up-to-date and to be able to help you by utilizing the latest tools and insights.

In addition to the Enneagram Professional Coach training and the various in-depth training courses, I have been trained to use the Sedona release method. This is an effective method (also online!) to break through years of fixed patterns. I also use this method to reduce mental illness, related to burnout or depressions.